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  1. Timothy simmons
    September 4, 2020 @ 8:19 am

    Recently lost my home due to fire and with this covid it has shut down my line of work and unfortunately had to relocate to a hotel and file for welfare which is something i never imagined having to do. I know what it is like to have such a huge struggle with something but still fight for what u want and not ask for a hand out. Babys ages 1yr to 3 & 4 & 7. Worse hotel you could imagine. Had to get help threw welfare to help with our housing. Only hotel available we could go to was this run down drug addict hotel where they checked us into a room with vomit all over the walls/toilet. Blood. Nastiest place you could imagine. Forced them to move us into a new room where they argued to even do. Yes i got pictures of this place. Reason we left the first hotel and the 2nd was worse.
    Down to 566$ left in our bank. Wife just lost her job to after yrs. Welfare had to get us a 2nd room due to a max of 4 per room and i have to split my family up all day and night. Had to sell my vehicle. Idk where or who to go to or how to get help or ask for it but im gonna try to leave this short or you would be reading a novel of whats happen and blown. By how strong a young couple can be and be managed to be put threw and b where we are today. I ain’t left outside with my kids in weeks due to syringes. People OD regularly here. Pleaded and cried to get moved else where but shut down. I know there is a billion of other familys out there struggling and millions more most likely deserving the help more then me but im a dad pleading and begging for any one who sees this and knows where to send it or can direct me to some one who has a heart and can help my family before its to late. Been threw hell and back and I most lost my daughter to rsv who was on icu for a week in critical condition. Story that will show you the power of love parents have and will an can go threw at only 28. I get this might come off odd balled abd confusion but i been sitting here locker in the bathroom for 3 hrs crying because ive done all i can and can’t bare to look my babys in the eyes when i promised them the world and that they had. Please. Help me save my family. Idc if you help them. Just Help get them out of here. Called and tried every option there is here. I’ll work it off or for it first before the help. Located out of vermont.


  2. Claudine-marie Johnson
    March 28, 2021 @ 12:26 pm

    I suffer from bipolar ADHD and pstd from violent relationships, I lost everything and slept rough, I’m now staying in an awful hotel full of drug dealers and abusive men. Every day is a struggle to survive. I have attempted suicide twice, which I hate as I have suffered from my mother attempting it all my life, and was on the streets as a child. I pray my life will turn around and pray so does others in my situation.


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