How It All Began

Found in 1989 by Jimmy & Phyllis Rotonno serving approximately 40-60 sandwich bags to the homeless per day plus taking food to the local shut-ins. Jimmy was called to God’s “Kitchen in Heaven” in 2004. ‘Our Father’s House Soup Kitchen‘ AKA ‘Our Father’s House Family Services’ has grown to a full service Ministry under the care of Katie Crissy as CEO & Program Director.

A hot four course meal, plus a bag meal to go is served to 160-200 of the less fortunate daily, every week of the year.

The kitchen has a dining room, a clothing boutique (providing jeans. sneakers/shoes, T-shirts and other clothing items to the less fortunate). It also offers personal hygiene products and recycled bike transportation to the less fortunate along with a volunteer barber. On any given month 200-300 pairs of sneakers/shoes are provided.

With the help of our many dedicated volunteers and staff our kitchen is a happy place for the forgotten ones to come, eat, and enjoy themselves for an hour or so a day.

A picture frame of a founder of a non profit organization.

Our Father’s House Soup Kitchen, Inc

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